Financial expertise
in your corner

Our first priority is to understand you – and then your money. With this knowledge, our experts guide you in making smarter financial decisions, to put you in control of your wealth.
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First, let’s get the fundamentals in good shape

Set goals

Make plans, stay motivated and get results where it matters

Budget + save

Prioritise what’s important to you and spend less than you earn.

Pay off debt

Get a simple strategy in place to minimise debt and take control.

Secure retirement

Get you on track to financial freedom after you finish working.

We help navigate any big financial decisions


Buying a home

We’ll objectively assist you in confident decision-making, demystifying the process and guiding you towards a strategic, manageable property purchase.



Our advisors never sell investment products, but will advise on the investment landscape, putting you in the driver seat to select the best options in the market at the lowest costs.


Budget for wedding

Let’s start preparing now so you can focus on the important things on your big day.


Saving for travel

Possessions are important, but experiences can have an even greater impact on our happiness. Let’s get you on track for your dream vacation!


Tax advice

Not sure about the tax implications of your financial decisions? Let’s fix that and ensure that you’re living as tax-efficiently as possible.

Build a great relationship with your money

Let’s help you to identify the conscious or unconscious internal scripts that influence your financial habits. Being aware of these patterns helps you to avoid bad habits and poor decisions.

Experts vetted for objectivity and credibility

We’re matchmakers, we connect you with an ideal advisor based on your individual needs and and profile, including career stage, life stage, financial complexity and profession.



Doshguide Advisor

Quote I help families live the lives and leave the legacies they want, safe in the knowledge that a trustworthy professional is overseeing ALL their financial affairs.


Doshguide Advisor

Quote I help people understand how much they need to live their best life, empowering them to make smarter, more informed money decisions.


Doshguide Advisor

Quote I solely work with women execs helping them identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle they want, without the fear of ever running out of money, regardless of what happens.


Doshguide Advisor

Quote I help people understand and take control of their financial futures with the aim of empowering clients to make financial decisions that enable them to live the life they want with the money they have.

Doshguide advisor requirements

No commission

Our advisors only work on a flat-fee The only way our advisors are remunerated is on a transparent, monthly subscription. They can advise on financial products, but there is no incentive to sell them basis. No selling, no commission, just objective advice for a monthly subscription.


Registered with both of South Africa’s top industry and regulatory bodies: Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA)


Doshguide management personally vets all applicants for ethical, philosophical and service alignment.

Peer screened

A committee of existing Doshguide advisors review all applicants to ensure good standing amongst industry peers.

Experience the clarity of informed, expert-guided financial decision making