Investment advice,
not sales

Our advisors never sell investment products, but will advise on the investment landscape, putting you in the driver seat to select the best options in the market at the lowest costs.

Get answers to your key investment questions

  • What are my investment goals?
  • How do I invest while minimising fees?
  • What is the right mix of investments?
  • How do I get started?
  • How much should I be investing offshore?

First, let’s get the fundamentals in good shape

Set goals

Make plans, stay motivated and get results where it matters

Budget + save

Prioritise what’s important to you and spend less than you earn.

Pay off debt

Get a simple strategy in place to minimise debt and take control.

Secure retirement

Get you on track to financial freedom after you finish working.

Experts vetted for objectivity and credibility

We’re matchmakers, we connect you with an ideal advisor based on your individual needs and and profile, including career stage, life stage, financial complexity and profession.



Doshguide Advisor

Quote I help families live the lives and leave the legacies they want, safe in the knowledge that a trustworthy professional is overseeing ALL their financial affairs.


Doshguide Advisor

Quote I help people understand how much they need to live their best life, empowering them to make smarter, more informed money decisions.


Doshguide Advisor

Quote I solely work with women execs helping them identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle they want, without the fear of ever running out of money, regardless of what happens.


Doshguide Advisor

Quote I help people understand and take control of their financial futures with the aim of empowering clients to make financial decisions that enable them to live the life they want with the money they have.

Doshguide advisor requirements

No commission

Our advisors only work on a flat-fee The only way our advisors are remunerated is on a transparent, monthly subscription. They can advise on financial products, but there is no incentive to sell them basis. No selling, no commission, just objective advice for a monthly subscription.


Registered with both of South Africa’s top industry and regulatory bodies: Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA)


Doshguide management personally vets all applicants for ethical, philosophical and service alignment.

Peer screened

A committee of existing Doshguide advisors review all applicants to ensure good standing amongst industry peers.

No conflict of interest

Usually financial advisors usually earn their income based on what you invest – but ours are paid for their time. We work on a subscription basis with no incentive to sell products, and you know what fees to expect from the start.

How the industry charges

How Doshguide charges

Budgeting & cash flow planning

Focus on reducing costs, not picking stocks

We know that we can’t predict the future. Rather than selecting specific stocks, we’ll assist in investing in low cost, reliable products and platforms that align with your goals.

Figure out the ideal mix for your
unique risk profile

Investments aren’t only about stocks: We should also help you to consider things like buying a house, a pension scheme, investing in a small business, and even cryptocurrency.


No need to make big money decisions alone

Lean on an objective advisor to make fully informed choices for all your important financial decisions. Even the most seasoned investors find it difficult to avoid investment pitfalls and sometimes need to be talked off a ledge by a trusted advisor!

Experience the clarity of informed, expert-guided financial decision making