Uncompromised personal finance advice

Financial advisors paid by you,
not financial institutions.

Incentivised to support and empower you,
not sell financial products.

You’ll be better off
And not just financially

Who would you trust more for financial guidance? Someone who’s paid by the industry to sell its products? Or someone you pay for impartial expertise and support? Our Advisors are vetted for credibility and objectivity. And their responsibility is to you.


Professionals get paid by institutions. Why? For selling their products. The professional’s obligation is to the institution.

With DoshGuide

Advisors get paid by you. Why? For giving you guidance. The Advisor’s obligation is to you.

Getting Started

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Let’s talk

Book a free 20-minute call with a DoshGuide consultant

Find out if we’re the right fit for you + get matched with the ideal advisor


Meet your match

Obligation-free, 45-minute meeting with an advisor

Learn about them, chat about you, and see if they’re the right fit


Get it in writing

Review your advisor’s written proposal

See fees, next steps and important details in black and white

Fair fees, not cloudy commissions

Most financial professionals earn their living through commissions or a percentage of what you invest. Their compensation is extremely complex and opaque – and it usually costs you more. With DoshGuide, you know exactly, transparently what you’re paying. Because you can put a price on integrity.

How the industry charges

How DoshGuide charges

Match-making, not deal-sealing

It’s important for you to find the right person. So all our Advisors offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation. You can search for Advisors who’re in your budget and in your area, who consult remotely or in person, and who’re best suited for the specific guidance you need. 

Support, not sales

Many financial professionals – whether they’ll admit it or not, and whether it’s conscious or not – want to sell you something. The more you buy from or invest through them, the more they make. Our Advisors believe that the better their guidance, the more they’ll make. This way, they’re incentivised to support and empower you.

Purpose, not products

Our Advisors’ first priority is to understand you: your hopes, ambitions, anxieties and needs. Only then, and in that context, can they help you make the right financial decisions. Products may not be what you need, so they come last of all, if at all.