Our founder

Prior to launching Doshguide, Rory worked at Google for nine years gaining extensive experience in web technology and digital marketing. He is now using that experience to deliver next generation financial advice services to Doshguide clients.

“A transparent, flat-fee approach solves the biggest challenge in the financial services industry: conflict of interest.” – Rory Brachner, Founder of DoshGuide

About us

We’re Doshguide and our mission is to make financial advice fair.

Our founder, Rory Brachner, launched Doshguide at the end of 2021. 

Many of us need help with our personal finances, but it’s difficult knowing where to get that help. The financial advice industry is structured and incentivised around selling products rather than providing unbiased advice.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’ve created a community of flat-fee No selling, no commission, just objective advice for a monthly subscription. The only way our advisors are remunerated is on a transparent, monthly subscription. They can advise on financial products, but there is no incentive to sell them advisors, who are motivated to support and empower you, not sell financial products. Our goal is to accelerate the industry shift towards flat fees, so more people have access to the impartial advice they need. 

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